Reverse Osmosis Machines

For Water Purification

The E4H reverse osmosis (RO) machine provides the latest in reverse osmosis technology.
It is a low cost, dependable machine designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications, including electrocoat paint make up, pre- treatment rinsing, and ion exchange pretreatment. 
Some specific benefits of using RO for those applicators include....

 RO removes 99% of ionic impurities
 RO does not require the use of Caustic
     soda & muratic acid.
  E  - Series RO machines are standard
     designs based on over 30 years of
     leadership in pure water technologies.
  LON WORKS Technology provides digital
     readings for conductivity, pH and flow rates.
  Panel Mounted pressure gauges for
     pre-/post-filter and primary/final pressures
  Variable concentrated and recycle flow
     control valves give performance flexibility.
  Rigid, high pressure stainless steel
     concentrate piping.
  5-micron Hytrex filter offers reliable
  PLC control on Deluxe models.

Standard Machines Available
from....1gpm - 200gpm

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