CelTech ultrafiltration (UF) systems are the cost effective way to close E-coat loops. 

CelTech designs  and manufactures complete UF systems, and offers cost-saving replacement membrane elements for existing UF systems.

Installed Ultrafiltration System at a major automotive plant

Advantages of OSMO UF Membrane Elements
  Higher permeate flow.
Lower permeate solids
  Lower energy requirements.
  Longer Life.
  Lower membrane element
     replacement cost.
  Available in 4, 6, and 8 inch

CelTech's reputation for easy to use, trouble-free systems is reflected in every system that we manufacture.  From replacement membrane elements to complete UF and RO machines, CelTech is uniquely qualified to meet your E-coat paint system design requirements.

Time to Replace Your UF Membrane Elements?

 OSMO spiral-wound elements offer up to 300% more flow per element than hollow fiber elements.  High permeate flow saves you money by reducing energy consumption and increasing rinse efficiency.  Easily adaptable to fit existing systems, OSMO elements
can replace both hollow fiber and competitive spiral-wound elements

4", 6" and 8" replacement membranes available. Contact us for pricing.

Osmo® -416T-ED Ultrafilter Modules

CelTech introduces a major breakthrough in the Ultrafiltration of Electrocoat paint - the
Osmo - ED Ultrafiltration module offers higher permeate rates and lower operating cost than conventional tubular and hollow fiber systems.

The Osmo-ED UF module consists of a  spiral-wound Osmo-416T-ED sepralator (membrane element) in a rugged permanent stainless steel housing. It is more durable, efficient and productive (higher actual filtration area per element) than conventional products. The  Osmo-ED  module can be purchased for direct retrofit to hollow fiber systems. Osmonics
also offers complete systems for new installations.

More and more  manufacturers using conventional ultrafiltration techniques, are looking at the performance and cost savings benefits of the new Osmo-416T-ED for their  electrocoat paint operations.

Features and Benefits

Reduced Operating Costs

•  The Osmo-416T-ED sepralator produces 2 to 3 times the permeate flow of Romicon
       hollow fiber cartridges. Therefore, retrofit systems require 50 to 65 percent fewer
       membrane elements. Existing plumbing and pumps do not need to be  changed.
       Horsepower requirements can be reduced as much as 50 percent. Typical payback on a
       retrofit system is less than a year.

Simplicity of Operation

•  The Osmo-416T-ED sepralators are easier to operate than other UF configurations
       There is no need for reverse flow or backflushing. The Osmo-416T-ED sepralator runs in
       a single-feed direction and can stay on-line,  even when permeate production is not
       required. The Osmo-416T-ED sepralator  allows quick system start-up to 150 psig (1034
       kPa). The operator does not need to be concerned about easing open valves to prevent
       fiber breakage common in most hollow fiber systems. Periodic cleaning requires minimal

Easy Retrofit/Change out

•  The Osmo-416T-ED sepralator is interchangeable with the Romicon hollow fiber
       cartridge. No alterations of existing equipment or piping are required. For  example, the
       retrofit of a 68-module Romicon hollow fiber system to the Osmo  system is
       accomplished in 4-6 hours. Even the cleaning procedure remains the same, but typically
       the frequency will diminish. For the Osmo system, only the sepralators (and not the
       permanent stainless steel housings) need to be changed after the initial retrofit. This
       change-out is fast and easy since the plumbing connections between the housing and
       manifold are left intact.

Structural Integrity

•  The superior construction of the Osmo sepralator eliminates leaks. The spiral-wound
       sepralator design allows much higher operating pressures, which  produce a
       corresponding increase in permeate production and eliminates risk of fiber damage or
       breakage, a major drawback of hollow fiber cartridges. All sepralators carry a one-year
       material and workmanship warranty.


•  From installation to daily system monitoring, the Osmo sepralators are supported by
       industrial experts in ED paint systems and filtration technology. Osmonics has twenty
       years of experience, developing and applying crossflow  membrane systems.


Osmo-416T-ED ultrafilter modules are directly interchangeable with Romicon hollow fiber  cartridges.

Shipping Weight
Osmo-416T-ED ultrafilter module which consists of Osmo-416T-ED sepralator and Osmo stainless steel housing: 30 lb (13.66 kg)
Osmo-416T-ED sepralator only: 12 lb (5.5 kg)

Housing Specifications
Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel, Type 304
Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psig (1034 kPa)
End Cap Assembly: Victaulic-type Style 75
O.D. (Nominal): 4.25 in. (108 mm)
I.D. (Nominal): 4.0 in. (102 mm)

Manufactured to ASTM specification A269 for industry.

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