TubeCell Anode Cell

The Electrocoating Process

Anode Cells are an essential component of most Cathodic electrocoat painting systems.  The Cells serve as the positive electrode in the painting process where  the material being painted is the cathode, or negative electrode.  The Cells also remove excess acid from the paint, which is essential to maintaining paint bath chemistry.  Cathode  Cells for Anodic paint lines are also available.

The TubeCell
Anode Cell

TubeCell™ Anode Cells combine maximum anode cell operating efficiency with features that provide ease of installation, operation and maintenance.  Each cell is comprised of an Anode Tube, which is the positive electrode in the painting process, and a larger, concentric Membrane Tube, which, provides selective removal of the paint acid and other anions from the paint bath.

Anolyte Supply Fitting
Swivel Quick Disconnect
For 3/8" ID Tubing

Anode Plug
Proprietary Quick Disconnect
With NO Nuts and Bolts
That Can Corrode

Prevents Contamination
Of Anolyte Circuit

Anolyte Return Fitting
For 1/2" ID Tubing

Provides Maximum Membrane
Area For Minimum Resistance

1/2 Ft of Area Per Foot
Of Effective Length
Easily Removed By
Hand For Inspection

Anolyte Circulation
High Velocity Tangential
Flow For Superior Mixing

Membrane Protection
Optional Heavy Duty
Exterior Protective Mesh


Installation of TubeCell™ Anode Cells is easy.  The Cells are not heavy, weighing only 3-lbs per foot of effective length.  One person can install or remove even very long Cells without difficulty.  Cell spacing can easily be optimized along the side of the tank to balance current draw and avoid piping interferences. TubeCell™ Anode Cells can replace box type cells.

Pressurized Cells
The standard Cell is not sealed at the top and relies on gravity flow for anolyte return.  The Pressurized Cell is utilized where Cells must be below the tank rim or  completely submerged in the the paint. The Cell features a bulkhead nut that can be tightened and loosened by hand, and there are no tubing or bolted electrical connections inside the Cell

Anode Materials

Schedule 40 316L stainless steel is standard.  Heavier gauges of stainless steel and ruthenium oxide coated titanium and  other inert materials are also available.

3/8" ID x 9/16"OD
Flexible PVC Tubing

Flow Indicator

1/4" Ball Value

Scd. 80 PVC Pipe
Anolyte Supply

PVC Pipe Anolyte
Return Manifold with
3/4" Holes

Anolyte Circulation Systems
Pre-engineered and factory assembled package systems for circulating anolyte through the Cells.(each Cell requires 0.5 to 0.8 gpm)Includes:

304 SS tanks from 50 to 150 gallons.
  Vertical Sealless CPVC pumps from 10
     to 70 gpm with safety disconnect.
  Conductivity monitor/controller and
     solenoid valve for deionized water
  Schedule 80 PVC anolyte supply piping
     with flow control valve, check valve,
     bypass, and SS pressure gauge.
  Drain valve, low level switch, and
     anolyte return filter shipped loose for
     installation by others.

TubeCell Anode Cell
Installation Detail

1/2" ID x 11/16" OD
Flexible PVC Tubing

Anode Plug

1 5/8" x 1 5/8" Strut
Channels For Anode
Cell Support

Saddle Clamps

 Anode Cell

Typical Paint Level

Installation Materials
CelTech  can provide all the materials and accessories required for Cell installation

  Anolyte Supply Valves
Anolyte Flow Indicators
Cell Support Clamps
Anolyte Tubing
 Anolyte Supply and Return Manifolds.

Package Anolyte Circulation System
125 gallon tank with 50 gpm pump.


CelTech's  TubeCell™ Anode Cells provide the best performance, quality and value for electrocoat painting applications.  With more than 4,000 units installed worldwide, CelTech is a  world leader in electrocoat paint processes. All CelTech products are backed by  the industry's best process technology and technical service professionals.   When it is time to install a new system or replace cell on an existing one, call  the leader.

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